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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 25, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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>> a daddy blogger with two boys whips up a web firestorm by saying -- >> that his favorite child is his 5-year-old son zachary. >> how people are picking sides on the parent who picked a son. >> you don't want to say that about somebody who could put you in an old folk's home. >> a squirrel caught in a kitchen pulls a daring escape from three stories up. >> that is insaid. sane. >> take a look at this surveillance video that was just released from the norwood police department in norwood, ohio. that officer, bobby ward, apparently tossing 30-year-old denise dialo across the room where she did hit her face. now according to reports, denise had stolen a cars the day before and was detained. the next day when she returned to the police department to gather some of her belongings according to reports she got incredibly feisty on the phone,
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screaming into the phone and banged the phone up against the wall. they told her she was going to be arrested. she fled. as she leaves the police department, officers follow her and then they detain her once again. they have her down on the ground and they're cuffing her once again. this is the moment that led to the video you just saw. according to reports, dialo scratched and injured officer bobby ward as they were trying to get her handcuffed. that's what leads us to this moment. >> once that person is in cuffs they're taken care of. they're already in the police station. you don't need to push that person on the ground. >> when officer ward filed the police report he said she leapt from his arms. >> maybe that's not an exact interpretation of what went on. >> the norwood police department launched its own investigation and transferred this incident to a special prosecutor. they're looking into whether or not the officer should face criminal charges and officer ward is currently on paid
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administrative leave. terrible accident this weekend led to a daring rescue. you may have seen photographs of this accident but right this minute found point of view video of this dramatic rescue. this tractor trailer two trailers wide swerved to avoid a car that stopped in front of him on a bridge. the truck slammed through the guardrail and is dangling off the side of the bridge. the driver is still in the cab of that truck. >> what? >> people driving by, stopped, tossed a rope down to rescue the man. the truck is not very high off the water but it's a large river and moving pretty swiftly. >> the thing that blew my mind about this video instead of rescuing himself first, the driver tries to luggage to the rope and they pull up his luggage first. >> i kind of say i don't blame him. i mean no one's going back down there to get that stuff. you're the only one who's going to get your hand ops it.
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>> there's no had thing in my life important enough to me to say i'm going to send that up first. >> what if you had your wedding album in there, your laptop in there, some ring from your great, great grandmother that was in there. who knows he had in that thing. witnesses did claim that they felt the bridge moving and they were fearful that the bridge may collapse, so you be the judge. now you see the guy reaching out the window, grabbing the rope, tying it around his waist. people pull the rope, get him up to the edge of the bridge. he struggles a little bit on the edge of the rough concrete and busted guardrail but they get him up on top of the bridge. >> i can't believe these people who happened to be driving over this bridge were able to pull a human being up by a rope they had in the trunk of their car. >> some reports say the man was dangling off the side of the bridge for about 25 minutes. >> now he has all his stuff he can change his clothes. a mckeysport, pennsylvania,
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man bought a security system after he was robbed and then robbers hit again. this is the mess that they left in his house in this specifically is his bedroom. that's his mother's urn. they tossed that to the side while also taking thousands of dollars of electronics. the victim talked to wpxi about what happened and what they took. >> it was uncalled for. you can have anything in the house. you just don't have to touch that. >> we're talking ps 3, xbox 360 and the laptop. but look this video captures them coming in the door and you can see their faces. >> good thing they put their hoodies up so they would block the back of their heads not their faces. what a bunch of dummies. >> they're taking a safe, a tv. this is the mess that they left. holes in the wall. >> they got good shots of these guys' faces. luckily he had put in the security system. hopefully somebody will come forward and identify these guys. >> just to know people are going through your stuff. horrible feeling.
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as massive fire burned through more than 13,000 acres of land in vel len see ya in spain. this is one of the videos coming out from that fire. what's amazing about it are the sounds that go along with the visuals. you see residents of this area incredibly close to the fire, but you can hear the crackling of the fire as it's burning through the brush. hundreds of firefighters were sent out to fight this fire in addition to dozens of aerial units. here's another video from itn news that shows the fire from a distance. >> wow. it really puts it in perspective when you see the fire at night. you can see just all of the acres burning. >> some of the flames were as high as 100 feet. >> did it damage any homes or hurt anybody.
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>> no reports on the damage, but more than 2,000 people had to be evacuated from the region. so they had to go to evacuation centers. >> imagine being in that car and driving away, hoping that your house and all your stuff is still there when you come back. game's over. so, of course, let the fighting in the parking lot begin. >> it's disgusting and what these guys are not thinking of is, you can cause serious injuries. >> surprisingly see who is fighting whom next. >an scot and it's crazy big. >> that is -- >> yeah, that's impressive. >> what all the hopping is about on "right this minute."
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>> right now one of the most heated discussions on-line is over a blog post on a parenting website called babel kid and it this blog post was titled, admit it, you have a favorite kid, i do. posted by a mnamed buzz bishop, a canadian radio host and also a daddy blogger. in this actual post he goes on to say that his favorite child is his 5-year-old son zachary. he also has a 2-year-old son named charlie. but if you take a look at buzz's youtube page you'll see an overwhelming majority of the videos are of zachary. there aren't as many that include charlie. he readily admits that he feels a different kind of connection with zachary because they can do activities together that charlie just doesn't do yet. charlie is only 2. >> what's that? >> i think it's safe to say charlie is going to grow up with daddy issues.
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>> people are going nuts over the fact he admitted he has a favorite son. many parents underneath this blog post said sure, maybe we think we have a favorite child at any given moment but we don't say it out loud. this is going to live on-line forever. what happens when charlie is old enough to read and sees this. >> it's not i don't like the other child. you may have these feelings as a parent but do you have to share them with somebody else. >> you don't want to say that about somebody who may put you in an old folk's homes, in shady pines or whatever it is. you want to say this is the best child i ever had and, of course i don't love you more than the other one. >> but admits when he posted this blog post, what he was hoping for was for other parents to relate to this thought process and to have some kind of sympathetic or empathetic discussion. >> i see what he's trying to do. i think all he's saying is look, i have these feelings. he's like help me understand what i'm going through here.
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>> the 2-year-old, he has to wipe butt all day, the 5-year-old at least he can do stuff. >> i will concede that the open discussion and criticism i have received has caused me to reevaluate the balance of time i spend with my kids. i am not consciencely planning to have more one-on-one time with my younger son. this is going to be a fight. we are in d.c. leaving the redskins game. >> another week, another group of grown men in football jerseys fighting each other. >> look at the jerseys these men are wearing. all redskin jerseys. no bengals fans in sight in this video. we've got fans of the same team fighting each other. >> fan on fan violence. >> they're fighting each other. one puts the other one on top of this car. watch this. >> [ bleep ]. >> wearing the same jersey of the same player from the same
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team. i don't know when people are going to learn their lesson, when it's going to sink in that they're being complete -- you can go to jail for life for something like this if someone gets seriously hurt. >> if you're supporting the same team what are you fighting about in the parking lot, ex-girlfriend, just drinking, not like each other's chili dogs. >> it looks like the guy in the jersey is actually trying to intervene and say hey, why don't we cut this out. >> yeah. >> it's just a game. if it gets you that riled up, a game, seriously, come on guys. >> how mad are you if this is your car. if i'm in there and ready to go home and see you sue plex a dude on my car. >> these guys didn't leave a note saying, sorry, i crush idea ur hood. >> i body slammed a guy on your hood. >> sorry for the damage. >> i'm going to introduce you to what i'm calling the ss peddler. >> what? >> any idea what you're looking
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at? >> is this a steam engine bike? >> correct. >> a group of people in sweden got together to make this steam engine bicycle and it worked. it sounds like a steamboat. >> you don't have to pedal then. >> no. you just ride it. >> you'll smell like a campfire wherever you end up. >> find a miniature person down there to keep shoveling and feeds the flames to keep going. there are no little people. >> i think what they're doing is keeping their trips on this bike very short. >> i have to imagine probably pretthot. u're sitting >> great for the winter time, though. keep you all warm and toasty while you go get your milk. out on a hike, a stop for a quick photo, or is it? >> look what's about to happen. >> look at her face. >> he's asking. see what she says, next "right this minute." still to come -- dad and son send stanley the train on quite a ride.
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>> stanley got up to the stratosphere about 18 miles up. >> hear from dad to find out if stanley was reunited with his family. >> they have been inseparable since he was 2. >> look at this. >> you can tell exactly what's going to happen in this video by the first freeze frame. >> can you? f
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it's best of rtm time. time for bonus video. steven has our first one.
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>> creeping closer to halloween time. what better time than now for a creepy prank video. the guys roman and his buddies are back from sketch empire. simple prank, severed head in public, people freak out, have lots of crazy reactions. you got to see what the guy at the end of the video does. >> i have a video that's sure to make you laugh. the guy from awkward spaceship are back. this time dramatically reading the ingredients to instant macaroni and cheese. >> contains less than 2% of citric acid. >> as lot of complicated words in the ingredients. >> he does it so well. you feel like you're watching a 1930s film. head over to and click on -- >> best of rtm. i've been excited to tell you this story all day. it's the cutest father/son project you ever want to see. starts off with stanley. the little train. >> cool. >> little blonde haired kid is jayden. they have spent their entire young lives together.
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stanley the train is jayden's favorite toy. so the coolest little plan was hatched. ron, jayden's dad, decided to launch stanley into space. they put the little train with an hd camera on a weather balloon and sent it flying. >> wait a minute. how far up in the sky did it go? >> stanley got up to the stratosphere about 18 miles up and yes, the little train is blinking, smiling, ron did that with a little special effects afterwards because he thought that's maybe how his little boy jayden sees toy stanley. >> the balloon pops. >> got a frown face when the balloon exploded. >> stanley starts to plummet towards the earth and lands in a cornfield 27 miles away. they used an old cell phone with gps, there's jayden looking around, where's my toy stanley. >> found him. boy and toy reunited.
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i mean, come on. is that not cute or what. to tell us about their grand adventure we have ron and jayden via skype. ron, i mean, great idea. tell us about this adventure. >> it really all starts with jayden and stanley here. they have just been inseparable since he was 2 which is two years ago. because of this i just thought, you know, i really need to come up with something that kind of captures this moment in his life, so this is kind of what got me coming up with the idea of documenting this. >> were you prepared for if stanley did not come back home and the reaction? >> no. because he's had stanley since he was 2, 2-year-olds lose things alls the time so he's technically probably been through probably eight stanleys. >> what's that time that you shared with your son feel like? >> it's something that i will never forget. when he gets older, and he's a teenager going off to college and i'm not cool anymore, i'll still have stanley and we can reminisce of the old times
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together. now that's what i call a big gulp. >> take a look at this video and tell me what you think is happening. >>ou can tell exactly what's going to happen in the video. the two dude going to fl over backwards. >> let's see if you're right, nick. >> oh! man! >> and those guys are shirtless. >> yes. >> come on. going to do this at least put a shirt on or something. >> oh, yeah. because that's how much they've thought this through. >> oh, my goodness. that guy's tail bone. that hurts so bad. >> he was one to hit the hardest
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he hit his bare back. the other guy got to run on the cement before he fell. this guy went bam. >> at least the guys driving have their seat belts on. a critter stuck in a kitchen decides to make a getaway. >> what? >> that is insane. >> like a squirrel base jumper. >> see the great squirrel escape, "right this minute." you think the race
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for president couldn't be more clear-cut, you've got obama, you've got romney. someone else has suddenly thrown his name into the running. >> what are you doing? >> yes. >> you're excited. >> it's our old friend teddy bear, the porcupine, from zooers havety. >> what's your party's platform, teddy? yeah. corn. redistribution of corn. >> teddy's there with his favorite snack of choice. >> corn. >> the guy loves corn. >> is he making a campaign speech. >> yes. >> teddy bear, if you're the president what's your plan to balance the fiscal budget? >> did you hear him? >> cut it. >> he said cut it. >> almost immediately. we have've seen teddy before, n he's fixed our economy. teddy for president.
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>> go teddy. i think one of the greatest games ever played. >> baseball, football, basketball. >> hop scotch. >> or that. >> yeah. that's a good game if you're a schoolgirl. >> about to see the greatest game of the greatest game ever played. >> of hopscotch. >> of hopscotch. >> all right. >> this is in detroit, michigan, and we've got two hoppers, we've got beth and eric, attempting to break a world record. the world's longest hopscotch. >> how long are they hopping for? >> long way to go. >> 4.2 miles. of hopscotch. >> yeah. that's impressive. >> even more so, it's impressive someone took chalk for four miles and made a hopscotch thing for four miles. >> they take their hopscotching seriously. >> hop, hop, two. hop, hop, two. see what i'm saying. >> i thought there was a stone you had to throw. >> throw the stone f it lands in
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the square you can't step in that square. >> they omitted the stone throwing. >> this is hopping. beth was the hopper in the lead of this entire event and people did join them on the hop scotch board at different points. but these two were the only two that did it the entire 4.2 miles. >> about to set the world record. >> they're setting videos to to get the official confirmation that this is a hopscotch world record. [ applause ] i believe this is hidden camera video of rocky the flying squirrel. >> yes. he's real. this is the proof. ♪ >> oh! >> wait. look. keep looking, he jumps out the window. >> and lands! he runs away. he's at least three floors up. >> how did that thing get in the
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kitchen the first place. came through the same window he went flying out. >> i'm assuming so. he jumped three floors. you can't beat that at the olympics. that is insane. >> that's awesome. >> i think he's building back to steal stuff out of the refrigerator. >> smell nuts. >> he's like you think cats got it. let me show you something. >> it's like a squirrelase jumper. like a parachute wasbout to en from his e a parachute. that's the beauty of this thing. he jumped out of the window and landed on all four little paws. >> that's our show. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves.
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raley's, bel air and nob hill... welcome to a new edition of "right this minute," the best videos of the day, starting right now. >> a man who lost everything in a fire is billed for his charred cable boxes and said when he called the cable company. >> he was given the customer service run around. >> i was on the phone for an hour and a half and transferred 14 different times. >> now meet the man whose


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